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Truck accidents and main causes for commercial drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2014 | Truck Accidents

It’s true that some truck accidents in Illinois are caused by other drivers on the road, not by the commercial drivers themselves. For instance, a car could cut a truck off and brake suddenly. While the car can stop quickly with its low overall weight, a much heavier truck may not be able to stop quickly enough.

However, many such accidents are also caused by commercial drivers. Sometimes, this happens because drivers are not trained properly or lack the experience to know how to use their vehicles. A driver may not realize how much of a stopping distance he or she needs, for example, and the truck could be far too close to the car in front of it.

Some accidents are also caused by reckless driving. A truck driver could be speeding, trying to pass other vehicles without proper caution, or simply going too fast for conditions. These may seem like small infractions, but, when they lead to an accident, they can have huge ramifications.

Often, it is the compensation system that is largely to blame. A driver who is paid by the mile or by the job is going to be likely to push it, as far as speed goes, to earn more. However, blaming this compensation model does not absolve a driver of fault. All drivers must do everything in their power to be safe at all times.

Have you been involved in an accident with a commercial driver? If you have, you may be eligible for compensation for things like medical bills, loss of property, lost wages, and the cost of rehab and ongoing care, if needed.

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