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Troy, Illinois, is the site of a 3-car crash

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Car Accidents

On a Sunday night in early November, there was a three-car wreck in Troy, Illinois. At least one women who was involved suffered from serious injuries as a result. The police have been investigating the crash, but the official report has not yet been provided. The crash happened on Highway 40, close to Triad Road.

The investigators have put together some of the events that took place that night, saying that it started when the women, who was behind the wheel of a Jeep, was struck by another car. Her Jeep not only went out of control but also rolled over. As this was happening, it was then slammed into by a semi. Whether the semi was following the Jeep or coming from the opposite direction was not reported.

The emergency medical crews responded to the scene, closing down the entire road to any other traffic. Once they had gotten the woman out of the vehicle, they provided her with an airlift that took her to a hospital in St. Louis. The responders were not able to give her an official condition rating — such as stable or critical — but commented on the serious nature of her injuries.

An accident reconstruction team was brought in to figure out exactly how things had transpired.

Investigations like this have a big impact on people who are involved in serious car accidents, as the police report can be used to establish fault, and this can then be used to seek compensation. If you or someone you love has been hurt, make sure you know exactly how this works.

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