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Critical Information to Keep After Being Injured in a Car Accident- Top Ten

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2014 | Car Accidents

After you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to get and keep certain documentation and information in the event there is an insurance claim. If possible, have someone help you get and keep the following things. This will protect you and allow me to quickly evaluate your case and maximize your recovery.

1. Police Report. The police officer will give this to you at the scene, at the hospital or somewhere else after your crash. It will likely contain the court date information for the other driver’s traffic ticket. It is very important for you to go to the other person’s court date, if possible, but you should contact an attorney first.

2. Other Driver’s Insurance Information. This information is usually contained on the police report. If police are not called to the scene, definitely get the other driver’s name, insurance company name, and insurance policy number.

3. Medical Treatment Information. Keep everything you are given regarding your medical treatment and medical condition. This includes medical records, medical bills, prescriptions, doctors’ orders, hospital discharge papers: everything.

4. Vehicle Photographs. Photos showing the damage to all vehicles involved are very powerful in court. Photos from a decent smartphone are good enough. If your car is taken to a storage yard, look for the other vehicles involved in the crash at that storage yard. The towing companies usually take both crash vehicles to the same storage yard.

5. Injury Photographs. If you have any visible injuries, have someone take photographs of the injuries every couple days as you continue to heal. Injury photographs help tell your story in court.

6. Names and Numbers of Eyewitnesses.

7. Scene Photographs. If there was anything usual about how the collision happened, have somebody take photographs of the scene from multiple angles sometime soon after the crash. Scene photos are very helpful in court.

8. Your Car Insurance Information. I always want to see a new client’s insurance coverage for their own car so I can see how much insurance they have for “Medical Payments”, “Uninsured”, and “Underinsured Motorist Coverage.” This information is contained on the premium invoice the insurance company sends you. It is not usually contained on your insurance card.

9. Your Health Insurance Information. If your health insurance company pays for crash-related medical bills, they will send you a summary. This is valuable information for me.

10. Letters from Insurance Companies. It is always best to contact an attorney before responding to any letter you receive from any insurance company about your crash.

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