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Being involved in sudden accidents in Illinois

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | Car Accidents

Every day, people in Illinois drive hundreds of thousands of cumulative miles in cars and trucks, and not a day goes by when there is not an accident between two of these vehicles. One of the most frightening things about these car accidents is that they happen so suddenly; they can change your life forever, and they can happen any day, any time you are behind the wheel.

Furthermore, many drivers who break no traffic laws are involved in crashes. It has been said that 50 percent of the drivers who get in accidents every day did nothing wrong. While this may not technically be true — it is possible for both drivers to make mistakes or for something like a malfunction to cause an accident when both drivers do nothing wrong — it does illustrate the fact that driving well will not always protect you from a wreck.

The reasons for car accidents are many, including the following:

– Drivers who are too aggressive and reckless.- Drivers who ignore posted speed limits.- Distracted drivers, such as those who text while behind the wheel.- Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.- Drivers who do not pay attention to road conditions.- Drivers who do not know or follow the rules of the road.- Drivers who make common mistakes like running red lights, running stop signs and driving the wrong way down one-way roads.

Were you in an accident for any of these reasons or for another reason entirely? It is important to know your rights, so we encourage you to check out our webpage on car accidents today.