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How can riders prevent motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

After a man had two friends get involved in motorcycle accidents, he put some thought into what they could have done to avoid those accidents. While not all wrecks can be avoided due to circumstances that are out of the rider’s control, he said that both of his friends were to blame in their accidents.

So, how could they have prevented them? The man, who is also a rider himself, said that the solution was simple: They needed to look ahead and make sure that they were going slow enough that they could see as far as they would need to stop. He said this was riding the motorcycle only as fast as it was possible to see.

The idea is that many hazards come up quickly on motorcycle riders. These could take many forms, from drivers turning left without seeing the bikes to loose rocks that had fallen into the road to roadkill that had been struck and then left in the lane. Regardless, if the riders could see it before they got to it, they would have a much better chance of stopping or avoiding the accident.

If they were going too fast or simply not looking far enough ahead while traveling at a reasonable speed, they would be more likely to crash.

Of course, even staying vigilant is not going to help a rider avoid all incidents, as other drivers can also make mistakes and cause motorcycle accidents. While riders in Illinois would be wise to practice this heads-up style of riding, they should also know what legal rights they have if they are injured in a crash that is not their fault.

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