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Teen girl from Naperville killed in motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

A teenage girl from Naperville, Illinois, was killed when a motorcycle that she was riding on — as a passenger — went out of control and crashed. She was just 14 years old. She was from the south side of Naperville, where she and her mom had an apartment.

The Illinois State Police Department, which has been carrying out the investigation, said that the accident took place on a Wednesday evening, right around 8:28. The motorcycle was traveling down Interstate 55, and the bike was just south of Interstate 355 by about a fourth of a mile. That places it in Will County.

The man who was driving the bike is from Glenwood. He is said to be either 53 years old or 54 years old. The police reports from the crash site did not immediately state what the connection between the girl and the man actually was, such as whether they were related or friends.

The driver gave a report to police about what happened, simply stating that he had lost control of the bike. When he did, the bike tipped and skidded along the interstate until it slammed into the concrete median. After that, it came to a stop without hitting any other cars.

Emergency paramedics from the Bolingbrook Fire Department responded to the crash, and they were able to bring the man to Advocate/Good Samaritan Hospital. However, they could not save the girl, as she reportedly passed away at the scene.

In motorcycle accidents like these, a victim could be hurt or killed based on the actions of the driver, even without the involvement of a second vehicle. It is good to know how rights to compensation work for families of the victims.

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