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Semi and car collide in Illinois, leading to critical injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Truck Accidents

A serious accident took place on Illinois’ Route 15, and the driver of a semi-truck had to be airlifted from the scene with critical injuries. The accident happened on a Wednesday morning, and reports show that it took place at about 8:30. The road had to be shut down in both directions for about two hours after the incident. This all took place close to St. Libory.

The police have said that a woman who was involved in the accident was behind the wheel of a Chevy Malibu, a mid-sized sedan. She was traveling down Veney Road. She attempted to make a westward turn so that she could get onto Route 15, but she was not successful. Instead, she smashed her Malibu into the front end of the semi-truck.

The man driving the semi is 58 years old. He was seriously injured in the accident, and the helicopter took him to an unspecified hospital in the St. Louis area.

The woman driving the car was also injured in the crash, and she had to be taken to a hospital in Belleville. The exact nature of her injuries or the extent of them was not reported.

Police are still carrying out an investigation into the specifics of the crash.

Despite their larger size, semi-trucks can suffer serious damage in truck accidents with smaller cars, and the drivers can be quite badly injured. Anyone who has been injured like this may have high medical expenses, and they should know if they have a right to seek compensation from the other driver in their case.

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