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Dump truck accident in Illinois kills 1, injures 5 more

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Truck Accidents

An accident involving a dump truck and a pair of cars in the town of Ogden, Illinois, has left one person dead and injured five others. The crash occurred as one of the vehicles was trying to navigate through a turn at the intersection where Union Street, which is also known as Route 259, meets up with Stony Point Road.

According to reports, the dump truck was on Union Street, driving south. The first car that was involved in the accident was coming up Stony Point Road, heading east. The driver attempted to turn off of that road and into the northbound lanes of Union Street, but the car was hit by the dump truck that was going the other way. A third vehicle was drawn into the crash when it was struck as a result.

Five people were trapped in the vehicles after the accident. The Spencerport Fire Department responded to the call and worked to get them free. The injuries to four of those people were not considered life-threatening, but the injuries to the fifth were more serious. In any case, all of them were brought to the hospital.

The dump truck driver did not need to go to the hospital, just settling for minor treatment at the crash site.

The woman who died was 27 years old. So far, police have not said who they believe to be at fault, as they are investigating the incident. As of the time of the reports, charges had not been filed.

Everyone has a right to drive safety on the highways of Illinois, and a lack of official charges does not necessarily mean they do not have legal options after truck accidents that lead to injuries or death.

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