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Wreck on Interstate 55 in Illinois takes 4 lives

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Truck Accidents

A devastating truck accident on Interstate 55 in Illinois took the lives of four people involved in the crash. One girl who passed away was only 11 years old. The driver of the semi-truck who allegedly caused the accident will need to appear in court.

Illinois State Police indicated that the accident took place right around 2:17 p.m. Apparently, three vehicle had come to a stop in traffic, and the semi-truck then came up behind and plowed into them. The damage was so bad that some of the cars were nearly unrecognizable in the pictures from the scene — just twisted hulks of metal that had been pushed all of the way out of the lanes.

Those killed were a man, 48, two woman of 54 and 43 and the young girl of 11. On top of that, four people suffered from injuries in the accident. The emergency crews did not report on their exact conditions, but those people were transported to nearby hospitals.

The issue that caused the cars to stop appears to be a construction zone that was a little ways ahead of the vehicles. Cars were being forced to merge from two lanes down to one, and they had completely stopped in some places as a result. According to reports, the driver of the semi was in the left lane, overtaking other vehicles, when he neared that point. He then veered over into the right lane and slammed into the cars that were stopped there.

Serious truck accidents that lead to severe injuries and deaths have a huge emotional toll, and that is often compounded by a high medial costs. To get assistance with those costs, victims and their families need to know what legal rights they have.

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