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Illinois woman drives through store, injures customer

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2014 | Car Accidents

A woman in Oswego, Illinois, smashed her car into the front of a local store, and the damage to the shop was extensive. The store itself is owned by a Naperville Councilman, though he did tell reporters that he was not there to witness the accident in person.

It appears that the woman was pulling up to park at the store, which is located on 5th St., at around ten in the morning. For some reason, her car jumped the curb and just kept on going, plowing through the large windows at the front of the shop.

The woman is 69 years old. Everyone survived the incident, including the woman who was behind the wheel, but there were a pair of employees, along with two people who were shopping, in the store. One of those customers sustained injuries that required a visit to the local hospital, and one of the employees visited a doctor to get checked out. Reports indicate that the people in the store were hurrying out of the way as the car came through and drove past them.

The reason that the car jumped the curb in the first place was not reported. However, the police have, as of yet, not given the woman a citation. The store will be closed for about two months as it is repaired.

This story shows that pedestrian accidents with cars can happen almost anywhere, even inside of local businesses. Individuals who are hurt in a crash like this need to know what legal action they can take if they end up with medical bills as a result.

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