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Man confesses to deadly Illinois crash due to delusions

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Car Accidents

Back in 2008, a woman in Joliet, Illinois, was hit by a car. Witnesses said that the car’s brake lights did come on and the driver did swerve, indicating that he or she may have attempted to avoid the crash but struck the woman anyway. The driver then sped away from the scene of the crime and was never found. Other drivers stopped and found the woman’s body in the road, and she passed away from her injuries.

More than three years after that incident, a man went to the woman’s sister’s house and told her that he had actually been the driver who ran her down. However, the prosecutors for the case have recently decided that they are going to drop the charges against the man, despite his own admission of guilt.

The actions come after psychological tests were done, and they determined that the man actually has a mental disorder. This disorder causes him to have delusions, which he then believes. They think that it was these delusions that led him to make the confession.

Other evidence that is often used after car accidents did not match up. For instance, the police found a paint chip at the scene of the accident. This was compared to the car that the man drives, and the two did not match.

Not everyone is convinced, though. The woman’s mother says that she still thinks that the man is guilty. She just thinks that he found a way to work the system to his own advantage.

This case points to interesting and uncommon developments that can happen after accidents when a psych test is performed. Those who are pursuing a personal injury claim or a claim over the loss of a loved one in a similar case needs to be aware of the impact that a psych test can have on their chances. This is even when there is an admission, and they should know about legal steps that can still be taken afterward.

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