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Can I receive workers’ compensation benefits for missing a second job?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

If you had a second job that you worked on the date you were injured, you may be able to include earnings from your additional job when computing your “Average Weekly Wage” (AWW). You must have had the job on the date you were injured, your employer must know of the second employment and the employment must be a typical job unlike self-employment. Last, the job must be documented by check pay stubs or tax withholdings. Undocumented jobs will not likely count as concurrent employment.

An injured employee’s AWW is the general basis which benefits are calculated. This is determined by the amount of wages earned divided by the number of weeks worked. Salaried employee calculations are easier to calculate because your weekly salary is generally your AWW. For hourly employees, go back 52 weeks prior to your date of injury and add up all of your straight time wages. Overtime earnings are generally not included in this calculation unless they are mandatory or regularly worked. Generally, you can divide the total amount of your wages by the weeks worked to determine your AWW.

If your injury does not disable you from your additional job, you may not be entitled to recovering benefits for your time off. However, the additional compensation from your average weekly wage can make up for lost time when determining your claim for permanent disability. Because each workers’ compensation claim is unique, consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to determine whether your earnings from a second job are compensable.

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