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$500,000 Recovery for Trip and Fall Victim in Kane County

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2014 | Premises Liability

Mark W. Mathys from Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid obtained a $500,000 recovery for our client who tripped and fell due to a dangerous condition in a parking lot, commonly referred to as a premises liability case. On May 6, 2009, our 64 year-old client exited the passenger front seat of her daughter’s car after they parked in a marked parking space at the Jalapeno Grille restaurant in St. Charles, Illinois.  Unknown to our client, the striped border of that marked parking space was only 17 inches from the edge of the parking lot surface and that the parking lot surface was actually a foot higher than the sidewalk directly below the parking lot edge.  There were no railings or warnings to alert or protect customers from this dangerous drop.  Not only was there a signficant drop-off, but the edge of the raised parking lot surface was deteriorated and crumbling making this condition even more dangerous.  As our client stepped out of the car, her heel slid off the crumbling edge of the parking lot, causing her to lose her balance and fall down onto the sidewalk below.  As a result, our client sustained serious leg injuries that required surgery and a long recovery.

Mathys & Schneid filed a lawsuit in Kane County, Illinois against the Jalapeno Grille and the property owners and their insurance companies vigorously defended the case.  The insurance company blamed our client for “not keeping a proper lookout” and even blamed our client’s daughter for parking in the space that they marked for customer parking!  Due to Mathys & Schneid’s tenacity and preparation of the case for trial, those responsible for our client’s injuries were finally forced to take responsibility for their actions and settled the case for $500,000.

Mathys & Schneid is proud that we were able to recover this significant amount of compensation for our client, that we made those responsible held accountable and that our client will now be able to get the assistance at home that she needs and deserves.  Mathys & Schneid continues to represent premises liability injury victims in Cook, Kane, DuPage, Will and all surrounding counties.