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Motorcycle accidents more common in spring months

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

As the temperatures begin to climb in our northern clime, a growing number of motorcyclists are again taking to the streets in Illinois. With that resurgence, though, comes some sobering statistics; dozens of motorcycle riders die every year on Illinois roads because or preventable motorcycle accidents. In fact, motorcycle riders are about 35 times more likely to die in a roadway accident than those behind the wheel of a car. Both riders and drivers need to take responsibility for motorcycle safety throughout the upcoming fair-weather season.

Safety experts say that motorcycles are not as visible as other vehicles for one simple reason: they are smaller. Motorists are encouraged to take a second look before executing a traffic maneuver in order to avoid striking a motorcyclist. Motorcycle riders can help other motorists by wearing bright, reflective clothing. Riding in groups is also a wise decision, as visibility improves in numbers.

Inattentive drivers pose one problem, but aggressive drivers are another matter entirely. Many motorists insist on driving too close to motorcycle riders, who may need to quickly respond to poor pavement conditions. Overly aggressive driving can lead to poor outcomes for motorcycle riders and those behind the wheel.

With Motorcycle Awareness Month coming up this May, experts say that increased vigilance should be a priority for all motorists. Motorcycle riders are most likely to die during May, perhaps because they have lost their “sealegs” because their bikes have been in storage for the winter. Although motorcyclists are responsible for taking adequate safety measures, they cannot always protect themselves against inattentive or speeding drivers. In those cases, an Illinois personal injury attorney may be able to help injured riders learn more about their legal rights, allowing them to potentially recover financial compensation for medical expenses and other accident-related costs.

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