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Demolition worker suffers fatal accident, crushed by concrete

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Wrongful Death

A demolition crew employee has died at work after he was struck by a chunk of concrete that fell from a building. The Illinois man, age 25, suffered catastrophic injuries in the fatal accident, which caused him to endure a crushed pelvis and serious internal bleeding. Authorities report that the man was working at a shopping center in Vernon Hills at the time of the incident.

Emergency personnel arrived on the scene shortly after 11 p.m., on Thursday, Dec. 26. Both the decedent and another worker who suffered minor injuries were transported to local hospital facilities. It appears that the man was struck with the concrete pieces as his demolition crew was working to remove a layer of brick from an external wall on the shopping center. Those concrete pieces fell from the roof area, striking three workers in all.

This incident adds to the thousands of private-sector worker fatalities that plague the construction and demolition industries every year. Nearly 20 percent of the 3,945 fatalities in the workplace in 2012 were caused by construction accidents; workers were often fatally injured by falling at work or having items fall on them. Of course, the restaurant that hired the demolition crew said it is committed to worker safety at all times; however, a worker still died on their contractor’s watch.

In this case, relatives of the decedent may be entitled to financial compensation through workers’ compensation, but they may also receive money through a wrongful death suit. Workers who suffer fatal injury on the job deserve to have their family members reimbursed for such negligence. Qualified Illinois personal injury attorneys can help relatives of those who die at work, allowing them to identify potential claims and maximize the outcome of their wrongful death suits.

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