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Plane crash victim’s family seeks justice

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2013 | Wrongful Death

A previously dismissed lawsuit related to the aviation death of an 18-year-old Illinois resident has been revived in court, with relatives seeking financial compensation for the man’s death in late 2010. The wrongful death suit had been dismissed without prejudice, which means that it was eligible to be re-filed later. Relatives of the victim are seeking financial compensation from the Jacksonville Airport Authority. They argue that representatives from that organization contributed to the victim’s death and the injury of another plane occupant.

The decedent, a student pilot, was traveling with another pilot who was flying the plane to another location for the owner. Lawsuits against those two individuals have already been settled, according to news reports. The plane began to lose power shortly after takeoff. When the pilot tried to return to the airport, he crash-landed. The college student died and the man piloting the plane was seriously injured in the wreck.

Allegations in the suit state that the aircraft’s condition should have sparked concern among Jacksonville Airport Authority agents, who should have known that the equipment was recently overhauled. That plane had experienced a rash of mechanical issues that should have caused them to prevent the teen from getting in the Cessna in the first place. Further, agency representatives should have known that the plane had not been flown frequently since a complete overhaul just months before the wreck.

Family members argue that the authorities should have asked for an additional flight safety check. Instead, they decided to allow the plane to stop for an initial check in nearby Schaumburg, Illinois. Further, the suit contends that the plane’s wings were hampered by a significant amount of ice that was not fully removed through the airport’s de-icing procedures.

Sadly, the young man was never able to complete his pilot’s training, and his family is left with a void after his death. This victim died needlessly thanks to the irresponsible actions of the plane’s owner, pilot and overseer – the Jacksonville Airport Authority. Relatives in such cases deserve financial compensation needed to pay for burial expenses, funeral costs and pain and suffering, among other claims.

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