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Tragedy continues: Illinois boy hurt in pedestrian-train accident

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2013 | Pedestrian Accidents

Public safety officials recently responded to an unfortunate, but increasingly familiar, scene: a pedestrian being struck by a Chicago-area commuter train. This time, the pedestrian accident victim was an 11-year-old boy in Barrington. The boy survived the accident, but was in rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

According to reports, the young boy was hit by a Metra train in the early evening hours. Investigators believe that the boy did not see the oncoming train, because it was obstructed from his view. Hopefully the results of the ongoing investigation will bring much-needed clarity to the boy and his family.

The boy’s classmates and community have responded to this incident with an outpouring of support. They are all hoping that he can make a swift, full recovery. Doctors believe that the boy will return to health, but they know the process will take quite some time.

Unfortunately, this pedestrian-train accident is the second in as many weeks. In our last post, we discussed a fatal incident involving a Metra train in DuPage County. Of course, these stories should raise awareness for pedestrians who are crossing train tracks in Chicagoland, but hopefully it will provide incentive for transit and safety officials to move forward with additional measures to protect those crossing tracks.

If it’s determined that negligence was behind this particular incident, it may be possible for the boy and his family to pursue a civil claim. Filing claims a municipal authority, which is often the case with accidents involving mass transit vehicles, can be a sophisticated process. This is why it’s helpful for accident victims to fully understand their legal options in the wake of a serious accident.

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