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Mother of 2 files wrongful death claim for Naperville accident

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

As the winter continues to roll along, going for a motorcycle ride is likely a distant thought for many people living in Illinois. However, one family from Aurora has likely had motorcycle safety on the mind, as the wife of an accident victim recently filed a wrongful death suit that implicates a local police officer.

According to the legal claim, the woman’s husband was riding his motorcycle with two friends near Naperville. As the man was riding, he tried to change lanes, but his bike was “clipped” by an unmarked police car. The suit indicates that the police officer was “following too closely, driving negligently and speeding,” which led to the motorcycle accident.

Despite these claims, representatives of the Illinois remain obstinate. They say that the three men on the motorcycles were speeding and the officer was following policy while preparing to pull them over. However, the police did not have any lights or sirens on when the accident took place. At this point, the police are not willing to claim responsibility, so there is a chance the case could go to court to be litigated rather than settled out of court.

As the wrongful death claim moves forward, the Aurora woman will continue to raise her two children with the absence of their father. Reports have not indicated what kinds of damages — or what amount — are being pursued. However, there is no doubt that the children will grow up without the companionship and guidance of one of their parents. As such, the hope is that a successful personal injury claim will help the family continue to heal.

Source: Daily Herald, “Trooper sued over fatal I-88 crash near Naperville,” Josh Stockinger, Feb. 2, 2013

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