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Cook County bus crash sends 3 children to the hospital

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2012 | Mass Transit Accidents

Every morning, parents throughout Illinois send their children on school busses with the hope that their children will arrive at school and make it back home safely. Unfortunately, Palatine was the site of a recent bus accident that left three children injured.

According to reports, 25 children were on their way home after school when a pickup truck collided with the bus in which they were riding. The pickup truck’s driver was trying to make a left-hand turn, but hit the bus in the process. In the wake of the accident, three children were brought to the hospital to be treated for injuries.

Thankfully, the injuries sustained in this crash were not life threatening. However, the children and their parents were undoubtedly shaken up by the incident.

Police cited the pickup’s driver for operating his vehicle without a valid driver’s license. In other words, the man should not have been on the road in the first place. Had he taken care to abide by traffic laws, this accident may have been prevented.

Unlike many bus or mass transit accidents, it does not appear as though the bus driver or his employer share responsibility in the recent accident. Oftentimes, the vehicles’ owners — usually a municipality — will not take precautions to make sure the mass-transit vehicles are safe for operation or ensure operators have up-to-date licensure.

Even though the school district or bus driver may not face personal injury claims in this case, the accident victims may still have the ability to seek damages from the pickup-truck driver. Over the coming days and weeks, it may be helpful for the children’s parents to explore their legal options to see if anything can be done. Parents may no longer have peace of mind when they send their kids on the bus, which is something they shouldn’t do without.

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