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Motorcyclist who caused Rock Island crash found at hospital

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2012 | Motorcycle Accidents

Police in Rock Island are still investigating an accident involving two motorcycles and a minivan. Two bikers were hurt in the Illinois 92 motorcycle crash, but the rider who caused it fled the scene.

Reports say the weekday afternoon motorcycle accident occurred when one bike glanced off the side of a minivan and struck a Suzuki motorcycle. After the second bike crashed, the first bike took off.

The minivan driver was unharmed. The Suzuki rider suffered severe road rash. Police discovered the operator of the first motorcycle at a Davenport hospital, where the man was undergoing treatment for injuries.

Neither of the injured bike riders suffered life-threatening injuries, according to police. The investigation is expected to lead to criminal charges. Leaving an accident scene and failing to help people hurt in a crash are against the law.

Some drivers panic and flee out of fear of responsibility. Sometimes drivers will speed away from a crash when they don’t want authorities to know they’ve broken some other law like driving drunk, drug use or operating a vehicle without a valid registration or a driver’s license.

Rockford police have not indicated to the public why they believe the motorcyclist on Illinois 92 rode away from the three-vehicle collision. Authorities are hoping to find witnesses who saw the accident happen.

Accidents don’t have to end in severe injury or death to cause problems for victims. A report of a non-life-threatening injury indicates that a victim is expected to survive. The term gives no clue to the change in the quality of life the victim may experience or the time it could take for recovery.

Medical bills from non-catastrophic injuries can become a hardship. A breadwinner’s time off work to recuperate from an accident can drain a family’s income. Damages from harm caused by negligence in a motor vehicle accident are compensable in civil court or through a settlement with the liable party.

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