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Failure to Use Turn Signals Real Danger on the Roads

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2012 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving has received a great deal of attention lately. The U.S. Department of Transportation has worked hard to enlighten drivers about the danger of driving while distracted. But it turns out that an even greater danger to Illinois residents on the road involves drivers who refuse to use their turn signals.

According to research conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, 48 percent of drivers fail to turn their turn signals off or do not use their signals when changing lanes. And a quarter of all drivers fail to use their turn signals properly when making a turn.

SAE’s study is one of the first to focus on the use of turn signals. This research is important because it shows that failing to use turn signals has led to about two million car accidents annually.

Safety advocates argue that vehicles should have “smart turn signals” installed. A smart turn signal would automatically turn off when a car changed a lane or made a turn. A smart turn signal would also alert the driver when a turn signal was not used and should have been.

Some think that better enforcement of turn signal use would help prevent accidents. Police have the right to issue a ticket for the failure to use a turn signal, but rarely do.

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