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3 teens dead after tractor trailer crash in Kendall County

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2012 | Truck Accidents

Classmates, friends and family members are struggled to process the grief they feel over the deaths of a young Naperville woman and two Plainfield men. A recent fatal truck accident ended the lives of the former Plainfield North High School students and robbed surviving friends and family of any future with the young adults.

The truck accident instantly killed two 19-year-old men, the driver and a passenger. A second passenger, a young woman, was critically injured. The 18-year-old female, an aspiring social worker, died a few hours after the crash at Rush-Copley Medical Center in Aurora. The three had been friends since high school.

Kendall County officials say the teens were at a stop sign on Schlapp Road. The teens’ vehicle pulled into the Route 126 intersection, where an eastbound tractor trailer smashed into the young adults’ car.

Police reports indicated the trucker was not required to stop at the Schlapp Road intersection. The tractor trailer driver apparently tried unsuccessfully to brake in time to avoid a collision. The driver has not been cited for the crash.

The parents of the young woman who died said their daughter graduated from Plainfield North last year. Friends said the teen was in a relationship with the male passenger who was also killed. Both were Joliet Junior College students.

The young man was preparing to graduate from the two-year school and study music production this fall at Columbia College. Friends said teen had already written music and was planning to record an album.

Negligence in an accident can be caused by a driver’s careless behavior, inattentiveness or drunk driving. Sometimes a vehicle manufacturer or technician can be faulted for a defect that leads to a crash. Sadly, no one will ever know what prompted the young driver to pull out in front of the semi-truck.

Police apparently have closed the investigation and cleared the tractor trailer driver from any criminal wrongdoing.

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