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Young woman critically injured in DUI crash

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2011 | Car Accidents

An Illinois man is in jail on $500,000 bail after being charged with a drunk driving crash that seriously injured an Aurora woman. DuPage County investigators say the suspect was clocked at speeds of about 75 mph and may have been drag racing on a Saturday morning when he lost control of his car.

Police reports say the car accident occurred just before 8 a.m. along Route 34. The 23-year-old Aurora man allegedly was speeding along the eastbound roadway when he swerved to miss a vehicle that had slowed ahead of him. The driver’s Chevy Impala hit a curb and struck the driver’s side of a Toyota Camry that was pulling away from a gas station.

After the accident, emergency responders had to cut through the wreckage to free the Toyota driver, a 21-year-old Aurora woman. A 15-year-old male passenger in the Camry escaped injury, but the driver was severely hurt. Authorities say the accident victim was experiencing hearing loss and blurred vision, as well as sustaining near-fatal head, brain and spinal injuries.

Police stated the suspect’s blood alcohol content was more than .20 at the time of the crash, well over double the .08 legal blood alcohol concentration limit. The $500,000 bail set for the suspect followed charges of aggravated DUI and driving an uninsured car on a revoked license. The man said in court that he is a member of the Army Reserves and training to be a police officer.

Authorities are looking into additional allegations that the 23-year-old Impala driver was drag racing when the crash happened. Investigators say they want to speak to more witnesses before confirming that suspicion.

The current condition of the young woman is unknown. Aside from criminal charges that have been filed against the man, the woman’s family may choose to seek compensation in civil court for her injuries.

Source:, “Aurora man charged with DUI in ‘horrific’ crash,” Josh Stockinger, Oct. 31, 2011


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