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Police ask for witnesses in motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2011 | Motorcycle Accidents

Naperville police are requesting that any witnesses to an Oct. 15 nighttime motorcycle accident come forward to aid in their ongoing investigation into the so-far unclear crash.

According to police, emergency personnel arrived on the scene of a gruesome accident on the intersection of Naper Boulevard and Ogden Avenue, where they found the driver of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle bleeding from a serious chest wound.

The accident, which occurred in Naperville’s northeast side, happened at about 7:22 p.m., according to a prepared statement issued by the Naperville Police Department.

According to preliminary reports, the motorcyclist was traveling on Ogden Avenue and passed through the intersection with Naper Boulevard. A Honda Civic, however, was simultaneously approaching Ogden Avenue and attempted to make a left turn at the intersection.

It is yet unclear which motorist struck the other, although the driver of the Honda Civic was uninjured in the accident. The motorcyclist suffered severe injuries, and was transported to a nearby emergency room for treatment. So far, police have not released any details about the motorcyclist’s identity. Police are planning to release more details about the accident later.

In asking for more details, police are likely still debating which motorist had the right-of-way in the accident, or whether the driver of the Honda Civic or the motorcycle were at fault in the accident. It is common that the motorcyclist sustains more serious injuries in a collision with a vehicle, regardless of the cause. It is still difficult to determine fault without more information from possible witnesses and the Naperville Police Department.

Source: Naperville Sun, “Cops probe motorcycle, car crash,” Bill Bird, Oct. 17, 2011