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High height safety tips for Illinois construction workers

Illinois construction workers should learn how to safely work at great heights to prevent falls and various other injuries.

In the construction industry, it is sometimes necessary to work at great heights, which requires an equally high level of safety. Illinois construction workers and their employers should be aware of how to remain safe to prevent avoidable injuries. Even working at a height of just eight feet can result in serious injury should a person fall, making it essential that employees are well-aware of proper safety measures.

Wear proper clothing

Construction workers should be sure they have the right clothes for working at high heights. Specifically, workers need harnesses, goggles, regulation hardhats, non-slip shoes and vests. Proper safety signage should also be distributed around the work area so passersby are aware of the construction workers, and the right lighting is necessary so workers can easily see what they are doing.

Determine the risks

One of the best ways to prevent a fall is to assess the work area to determine potential hazards. Site managers should be sure to determine what equipment is needed to complete work done from a high height and which employees are the most likely to be injured. Worksites should also be checked to ensure there are guardrails, covers for openings and similar preventative measures that could help avoid an accident.

Work with someone

Construction workers operating at heights should work with at least one more person who acts as a lookout for potential hazards or to make sure climbing equipment remains stable. Another reason it is so essential to work with another person is that someone needs to be able to go get help should circumstances take a turn for the worse. To ensure all bases are covered, construction workers should have a plan on how to respond to various scenarios. Doing so could save an abundance of time and potentially someone’s life.

Know how to use equipment the right way

Because various types of equipment are used while working at high heights, employees should be fully trained on how to use each different type. For instance, ladders should be properly secured and used at the right angle while access equipment should be well-inspected and maintained. With mobile elevated platforms, stabilizers and outriggers should be used, and workers should know proper working limits.

Proper physical condition is essential

Only someone who is in good physical shape should work at high heights, as proper balance and strength are necessary to remain as safe as possible on a construction site and get the job done.

While the above tips can help prevent accidents, they are no guarantee against injury. Illinois construction workers who do become injured while on the job should have their case investigated by an attorney to explore their legal options.