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Skilled Motor Vehicle Accident Representation

Car accidents occur every day in Chicago’s western suburbs and throughout the metro area. They happen on Interstate 88, I-55 and I-355; on Routes 34, 38 and 59; on county roads and urban and suburban streets. Many accidents are caused by driver negligence, and many cause disabling injuries or wrongful death. Trusting insurance companies to deal with you fairly often leads to disappointment and severe stress.

A car accident can happen to anyone at any time. This Chicago-area traffic map shows how many accident scenes are occurring right now. Planning ahead for accidents can help you get to your destination safely and on time.

A Wealth of Legal Knowledge and Personal, Results-Oriented Advocacy

The Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid is a collaborative team of personal injury attorneys focused on helping DuPage County and Chicago-area car accident victims put their lives back together. Our law firm works personally with families to address personal and medical challenges as well as major financial concerns. We keep our clients informed and we do not turn cases over to our paralegals.

Applying 30-plus years of relevant experience, we:

  • Investigate the accident ourselves and bring in quality reconstructionists or other experts if needed to prove fault and liability
  • Pursue all applicable insurance coverage and other potential sources of compensation
  • Negotiate assertively to obtain a fair settlement addressing medical costs, lost wages and other expenses – while simultaneously preparing for trial

Understanding the Nuances of All Vehicle Accident Types and Causes

Our experience extends to commercial truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and wrecks caused by uninsured motorists. We have represented victims who thought their injuries were minor but later required surgery or extensive physical therapy. Even after a rear-end collision or another wreck clearly caused by another driver’s negligence – from blatant traffic violations to drunk or distracted driving – you need a legal advocate.

Our car accident lawyers ask the right questions and gather evidence that matters. When we go to trial, we do so armed with high-tech media presentations and expert testimony. The experience we have in cases involving automobile tire defects, other negligent automobile design and part defects are a clear strength for our attorneys.

Answers To Your FAQs About Illinois Car Accidents

At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, we are familiar with the common issues that people encounter after car accidents in the Naperville area and throughout Illinois. The goal of these FAQs is to provide you with the information you need so that you know your options and make informed decisions.

1. What do you need to know after a car accident in Illinois?

Being in an auto accident is an overwhelming experience for most people. In addition to the daily challenges that come with serious injuries, car accident victims must make decisions and act quickly on financial and legal decisions that could have a lasting effect on their lives. Most people do not know what their injury (including medical bills, equipment and services as well as lost time at work) will really cost. Most people don’t know if what the insurance company is offering is even reasonable or not. In short, you need to know how long it will take you to recover, how much you will lose in lost wages, how much your medical care will cost and who will pay for all of this.

2. Why do I need an attorney after an accident?

Personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. This means you are charged nothing unless that attorney or firm wins a settlement or verdict for you. Then you are charged a small percentage of that monetary award. It is therefore in your interest to at least speak to a personal injury attorney right away after an accident.

3. What will your firm do if I call you about an accident?

First and foremost, we hear your story: what happened, how you were injured. Then we tell you how we can help. With over 30 years of personal injury experience, we can usually tell right away approximately what your case may be worth and a general idea of how long it will take to pursue and obtain compensation.

4. How is your firm different than other personal injury firms?

We are different because when we take your case, we fully invest in your case. We go further than some firms. We investigate the accident, reconstruct the scene and use experts when needed. We are not a firm to blindly accept any settlement offer. Instead, we prepare each case with the dedication, follow-through and attention to detail required if that case were going to trial. Our goal is to obtain the compensation you need: one that covers all of your costs, losses and expenses.

5. What is the difference between a settlement and a verdict?

A settlement is a monetary offer made by the insurance company any time before a trial or without a trial. A trial is when your case goes to court and a judge or jury decides what the verdict is. The amount awarded by the judge or jury can vary greatly. Our firm has won millions for our clients in cases that involved motorcycle, truck and car accidents.

6. Can my attorney who did my divorce take care of my personal injury case?

It is unusual for an attorney to have more than one area of great knowledge. Your attorney may be an excellent family law attorney but he or she may not have the experience and resources needed to effectively take on your accident case. Many times, attorneys who focus on other areas of law will refer a case out to a firm that handles personal injury. We welcome these referrals.

Free Consultation and Representation on Contingency

To work with a Naperville car accident attorney who will pursue maximum compensation for you, call 630-848-9294 or email us now. Getting a proven lawyer involved today could make all the difference. Contact us today to discuss your situation with a proven car accident attorney in the Naperville area. We will treat you with respect and only charge fees if we take your case and win a settlement or favorable verdict.