Mathys & Schneid Testimonials

At the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid, the relationships we develop with our clients set us apart from other law firms. While we have a reputation for great results in personal injury cases, we are also known for the respect and attention we give you when we represent you regardless of whether it's a large or small personal injury case. Our testimonials from clients and endorsements from fellow attorneys show how clients feel about working with us.

Testimonials From Former Clients

"Committed to my cause"

I was struck by a car while cycling and severely, almost fatally injured. A team of excellent medical professionals performed complicated and extensive surgical and medical procedures as part of a successful effort to restore my health.

In the midst of all of the pain and effort associated with recovery, I had to shop for a personal injury attorney. I was looking for a respected professional to handle my case and ensure that I not only recovered appropriate financial damages to cover my medical costs but also compensation for pain and suffering. Mark Schneid was not the only attorney I talked to, but he was certainly the best. Upon interviewing Mark I knew immediately that he would not only represent me and look out for my best interests, but that he also cared about my recovery and the successful outcome of my case.

Mark is a passionate, bright and hardworking professional with excellent knowledge of personal injury law. His vast legal knowledge, trial experience along with medical and insurance industry knowledge quickly and efficiently guided us through the process resulting in significant risk mitigation and a positive case outcome.

His easy going style and articulate communication put everyone at ease and provide him with a clear advantage in negotiations, while his meticulous approach and attention to detail ensure that nothing is overlooked.

During the time he represented me, Mark repeatedly proved that he was knowledgeable, experienced, honest, ethical and committed to my cause. Most importantly, his negotiating skills made a huge difference in our financial settlement.

Everyone on the Mathys & Schneid team is a pleasure to work with, especially their paralegal Carrie King. Carrie's research and investigative expertise was invaluable to our case. Her excellent communication and writing skills ensured that I stayed informed and up-to-date and her attention to detail guaranteed that nothing was inadvertently missed.

Mark and his excellent support team really came through for me. He is just the kind of counsel you want on your side… knowledgeable, personable and tenacious.

-Jeff D.

"Could not have made a better choice"

We found Mark [Mathys] through the web after an auto accident in October 2011. While selecting someone you don't know to represent you can be a gamble, we could not have made a better choice. We are at the point in our case where we have come to appreciate just how much Mark has had our backs throughout the entire process. Mark has also been doing an outstanding job of keeping our case moving through the legal maze. We have total confidence that at the conclusion of our case we will have received the best settlement possible due to Mark's efforts.


"Very satisfied"

Mark [Mathys] is very professional. He responds almost immediately, via email, to any question, comment or concern I have and if he is not able to respond right away, he will let me know. I have been very satisfied with Mark so far and I am happy to be his client.


"Easy to talk to"

Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid were very professional and easy to talk to. Prior to working with them, my wife and I had no real experience with the legal system beyond a house closing, yet Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid explained the whole process to us very well. I knew that whenever I had a concern about our case or the legal system in general I could call their office or send an email and receive answers the same day.

Our case was precedent setting, and yet both Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid were well-prepared for both sides of the dispute. It was evident to us, Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid were willing to go above and beyond to find information, no matter how obscure, that was pertinent to our case. In addition we felt that in the courtroom our very private and complex matter was presented in a way that was easy to understand.

Most importantly, throughout the entire process we knew that while working with Mr. Mathys and Mr. Schneid they were truly fully vested in helping us achieve closure to an issue that was very emotional and difficult for our family.


"Provided very wise advice"

I've dealt with attorneys on a variety of issues, almost all of them since leaving college and entering the workplace. Mr. Mathys was the first attorney I had any real experience with, and I was impressed then and remain so. He provided very wise advice and always kept me informed. In the end, he delivered a favorable result. I recommend him highly.

- Tyler D.

"In-depth knowledge of the law"

Mark [Schneid] is an excellent and skilled attorney and demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the law when he helped settle my dog bite lawsuit resulting from a traumatic incident. He explained what was needed of me and how I should handle the situation in a professional manner. Additionally, he made sure I understood the process and answered all my questions so I could make the best possible decision. We worked as a team and this was very much appreciated. I would not hesitate to hire Mark Schneid should I need an attorney to resolve any legal matters.

- Karen K.

"They went to bat for me"

Not long ago I was involved in a car accident where I was hit by a gravel truck at an intersection. After I called Mathys & Schneid, even though I didn't have a very large case, they made me feel like I was one of their most important cases. They went to bat for me with the trucking company's insurance and got me a settlement. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

-Dan H.

"Very professional"

I came to the Law Offices of Mathys & Schneid because I was attacked by a pit bull terrier. It was the first time I've ever had to work with any attorneys, and so for me, thinking that it was going to be an intimidating process and it wasn't intimidating at all because they're with you every step of the way. They're very professional; they make you feel good about what's going on. They presented the facts to me so that I could make an informed decision and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my family or friends, and I would definitely use them again in the future.


Endorsements From Attorneys

Mark [Schneid] and his partner are my go to guys for all medical malpractice cases that come into my office. Mark is a smart, compassionate and well-organized trial attorney. His clients should be proud to have him as their attorney. I endorse this lawyer.

-James M., an auto accident lawyer

I endorse Mark Schneid. I refer all my personal injury cases to him because of his ability to obtain excellent results for my clients. Mark communicates very well with my clients. My clients tell me he returns their phone calls promptly, keeps them informed and explains matters so they all understand what is happening with the case.

-John Z., a divorce and separation lawyer

Mark Mathys is one of the best lawyers I have come across, and I have been fortunate enough to get to know some of the best in the nation. Mark and I worked on a horrific medical malpractice case together that resulted in a verdict over 1.2 million dollars when we were offered next to nothing to settle the case. Mark spearheaded the trial for over two weeks, proving that the doctors were responsible for the post-traumatic stress disorder she is still suffering from. It was not only an honor to work with Mark on this case, but it was also an invaluable learning experience for me. Mark's natural ability is only surpassed by his diligent work ethic. I can't imagine anyone working harder for their clients or getting a better result. If one of my family members was seriously injured, and I thought someone else was responsible, Mark Mathys would be the first person I called.

-Wade Y., a personal injury lawyer

Mark [Mathys] is one of the finest personal injury lawyers in the area. He is extremely thorough and always achieves the maximum recovery for his clients. If need be, he will take a case to trial and fight for a recovery which is justified. There is no question that he has strong credentials in the legal community for his legal skills and abilities. I highly endorse Mark Mathys.

-Stephen B., a criminal defense attorney

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