Current Personal Injury Cases

Medical Malpractice Cases:

  • Failure to diagnose and treat a ruptured spleen in a 22-year-old woman, resulting in her death
  • Failure to diagnose and treat pneumonia in a 10-year-old girl, resulting in her death
  • Failure to properly perform a C-section when doctor ripped the umbilical cord, depriving the baby of oxygen resulting in the baby's death
  • Hospital failure to use fall precautions for an 80-year-old patient who was a known fall risk, resulting in a fall causing a severe brain injury
  • Improperly left gauze in a 68 year-old man during a hernia repair surgery resulting in severe infection requiring subsequent surgical procedures

Premises Liability Cases:

  • Wrongful death of a woman who died in a motel fire as a result of an inadequate fire detection system
  • Trip and fall on an improperly placed floor mat at a well-known food chain store resulting in severe and permanent injuries
  • Slip and fall on ice due to improperly placed downspout resulting in fractured ankle requiring surgery and insertion of surgical metal screws and plate
  • Slip and fall on oily water on the floor of a nationally known oil change facility resulting in complex leg and ankle injuries
  • Trip and fall on a raised and broken slab of sidewalk resulting in a complex fracture of the arm requiring the insertion of surgical hardware

Dangerous Medication Cases:

  • Pharmaceutical product defect cases involving the deaths of two infants from cough and cold prescription medicines that were not approved by the FDA

Defective Product Cases:

  • A defective passenger seat air-bag improperly deployed during a low speed frontal impact causing catastrophic injuries to the eye and face of a 48 year-old woman
  • A large piece of a surgical retractor broke off during surgery, lacerating a major artery in a 33-year-old man, resulting in severe complications

Automobile Accident Cases:

  • Side-impact collision to drivers side, causing severe cervical spine injury in 30-year-old driver
  • 60-year-old pedestrian in the crosswalk struck by a vehicle causing severe back and arm fractures
  • Wrongful death of a 29 year-old man when the car he was a passenger in lost control, left the roadway and rolled-over
  • A 44 year-old wife and mother was rear-ended while stopped at light resulting in herniated and bulging discs in her spine requiring spinal fusion surgery
  • A driver disregarded a stop sign and pulled directly in front of a 55 year-old man causing a severe frontal impact resulting in neck injuries and post-concussion syndrome with neuropsychological deficits, confusion and memory loss
  • A 33 year-old woman sustained a severe closed head brain injury while running in a sponsored event, when a vehicle left the marked lane of travel, entered the designated course and struck the runner
  • A driver tried to "shoot the gap" in front of 41 year-old man's car causing a serious crash the led to a spinal fusion surgery with complications from post-surgical pain medication

Motorcycle Accident Cases:

  • A car pulled out from a stop sign directly in front of a motorcycle causing a severe knee injury requiring surgery

Dog Bites / Animal Control Cases:

  • Large bull wandered off a farm and walked directly in front of a car driving at night on a rural highway causing a violent collision and serious neck injury for the driver.

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